Retailer Customization - Customer Personalization



Identify each item uniquely and interact with it like never before. At iProof, we take everyday things and make them interactive.



Track your products from production to consumption with GPS level accuracy. Location based marketing and brand protection are at your disposal.



Interact with your customers on a one-to-one basis with unique mobile experiences, customized for each customer on every item they own.



Stop malicious activities with simple, easy-to-use mobile and sms solutions that allow customers to authenticate each item.

Connecting the Things of the World

Nobody questions the enormous power and value of connecting socially. But what about connecting us to the products we use and consume on a daily basis? How about creating social spaces surrounding the products we use?

You may have heard the buzz surrounding “The Internet of Things” or “The Internet of Everything” and wondered why Google paid $3 billion for Nest, an intelligent home thermostat. The answer is simple. Google, like many others, realizes the tremendous value of connecting us beyond social circles and to the “things” we interact with in and out of our homes.

Even though products like Nest, which connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular networks, are considered part of the “Internet of Things,” at iProof we like to think of those already connected items as the Internet itself. In other words, we prefer to think of the “Internet of Things” as the act of taking dumb, simple objects that don’t have sensors and connecting them to the Internet via our mobile devices.

iProof ONE Identity Engine™

The Identity Engine is the heart of iProof’s “Internet of Things” platform. This engine powers each of the unique digital identities used to connect everyday things to the web.

It was built on a proprietary, hybrid database system that makes it very flexible to meet the needs of any customer, very quickly, without having to modify its design for each solution.

Employing a set of standards-based RESTful Web service APIs, iProof’s Identity Engine allows for the quick creation and management of millions, or billions if so required, of unique digital identities for the real world items it brings to life.

This open API standard also makes the iProof Identity Engine compatible with a wide array of ERP and ERM systems, E-Commerce, and most social networks. This essentially links every unique identity to any type of system used by the item’s manufacturer, distributor, retailer or consumer.

Our Services


Our team has extensive expertise in identification technology, product packaging and labeling, ERP system integration and mobile marketing. We work with you to ensure an easy and successful solution with minimal impact on current systems.


The iProof Identity Engine offers a simple platform on which to build custom web interfaces, mobile device applications or complex backend systems. We can customize the system for you, or your team can do it themselves. It's that easy.


We can help your brand discover and create new digital marketing opportunities. Reaching your customers in new and mobile ready ways only possible with iProof and The Internet of Things. One-to-One marketing is now redefined for a digital world.